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Ep # Episode Name Year
1Surprise Attack1985
2Going It Alone1985
3A Night to Remember1985
4The Evergreen Grand Prix1985
5The Runaways1985
6Buried Treasure1985
7The Intruders1985
8Opportunity Knocks1986
9Cry Wolf1986
11Gold Rush1986 (?)
12Double Play1987
13The Sweet Smell of Success1986 (?)
14Blast from the Past1987
15Power Trip1987
16Stop the Clock1987
17The Artful Dodger1987
18Courting Disaster1987
19Time Trap1987
20Last Legs1987
21Read No Evil1987
22The Chips Are Down1988
23The Evergreen Express1988
24Life in the Fast Lane1988
25Picture Perfect1988
26Mom's the Word1988
27Monster Mania1988
28Paper Chase1988
29Paperback Hero1988
30The Prism of Zenda1988
31Simon Says1988
32Strictly by the Book1988
33Trouble Shooter1988
34Games People Play1988
35Moving In1990
36Cold Feet1990
37Easy Money1990
38End of the Line1990
39Promises Promises1990
40Black Belt Bentley1990
41Stress Test1990
42The Wrong Stuff1990
43Endless Summer1990
44The Evergreen Election1991
45Go for the Gold1991
46Join the Club1991
47The One That Got Away1991
48Second Chance1989
49The Sky's the Limit1989
50Bully for You1991 (?)
51A Catered Affair1991 (?)
52Search and Rescue1989
53Spring Fever1989
54The Family Secret1989
55The Great Escape1989
56Science Friction1989
57The Phantom of Sneer Mansion1989
58The Headline Hunter1989 (?)
59Making the Grade1989 (?)
60Stealing the Show1989 (?)

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