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Fallin', Fallin'

From "The Raccoons and the Lost Star"
Words and Music by Kevin Gillis
Performed by Dottie West
Transcription by Jim Gilsinan IV

   D      D/B      Gmaj7      G      Asus4

   D               D/B
      Last night, dreaming,

   Gmaj7/E        Asus4
      So brightly gleaming,

   F#m                Bm
      Falling from a place so high,

          Gmaj9 G             A7sus4
      that you and I . . .

      Last night, falling,
      like rain from the front porch awning,
      tumbling down from the sky above
      like falling in love,
      like falling . . .

   Fallin, fallin,

   Dmaj9/B              Gmaj7/E     Asus4
   last night fallin in love.

   Fallin, fallin,

   Dmaj9/B              Gmaj7/E     Asus4
   can't help falling in love . . .

Copyright © 1996-2009 Jim Gilsinan IV
All Raccoons Images, Characters, and Sounds Copyright © Evergreen Raccoons Marketing
Everything Else is Copyrighted by its Respective Owner

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